Founder : Marcus Thomas

Marc Nouveau Photography is a Chicago-based company specializing in Photography X Branding.

Services: Commercial, Wedding, Portraits, Fine Art & Event Photography.

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  • Frank Buffalo - OA NDN (Original Aboriginal Indian) 2012 at MoCNA (Taken with Instagram at Museum of Contemporary Native Arts)

    Live Long and Prosper by Debra-Yepa Pappan at the MoCNA (Museum of Contemporary Native Arts) in Santa Fe, NM (Taken with Instagram)

    Just walked the labyrinth at St. Francis of Assisi of Bascilia in Santa Fe (Taken with Instagram)

    Mother Moon rises in the East as Father Sun sets on Me X a woman Yogi and a woman meditator at the top of Cathedral Rock. We wanted to feel the vortex energy. (Taken with Instagram)

    Father Sun Beginning to set On the Westside of Cathedral Rock (Taken with Instagram at Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ)

    Healing Bracelets I Got In Sedona, AZ from Top; Tiger’s Eye, Clear Quartz, Turquoise. (Taken with Instagram at Sedona, AZ)

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